Scholarships Awarded

                           INFORMATION ONLY.

 The MAFF Public Speaking Contest Scholarships were presented Friday January 28, 2011

 by contest chairman Mark Young following the close of the contest.  The winners were:

                             1st Place -  Jonathon Bellis - Lawrence Co.Youth Fair -  $1,000

                             2nd Place -Ginelle Esay - Land-O-LakesYouth Fair -  $600

                             3rd  Place - Ashleigh Lutz - Howard County Fair - $400

   The Staats Mfg/ Past Presidents Scholarship was presented Saturday January 29 at the

   Luncheon showcase banquet by Andy Zinkle of Staats , Brian McPherson, and Elizabeth

   Schlueter of our MAFF Past Pesidents Club. This $1,000 award was presented to 
   Monica Campen from Canton Missouri.

                    Below you will find the scholarships that we offer. Scroll down for more listings.

                                  STAATS AWARDS & MISSOURI ASSOCIATION OF

Mr. Andy Zinkle of Staats Awards and M.A.F.F. Past President Brian McPherson

announced a new scholarship program to be funded by Staats Awards and administered by

the M.A.F..F. Past Presidents Group. Staats Awards has been servicing the fair industry

for over 100 years and wishes to be a part of preserving this heritage for future

generations. Staats has committed to an annual gift of up to $1,000 per year to provide

assistance to High School graduates continuing their education at the two- or four-year

college level. This new scholarship program is not to be confused with the M.A.F.F

Public Speaking Contest Award earned by participation in that contest. It is an

additional program.  Andy Zinkle will announce the awards at the annual convention.

           Please note entry deadlines and address for scholarship submission

Eligibility Requirements:

1) Only graduating seniors will be eligible

2) Each student must have a 2.5 grade point (based on 4.0 systems), and maintain a 

   2.5 grade point during their first semester of college, and carry at least 12

   credit hours.

3) Scholarship funds will be paid directly to the college the award winner attends

4) Award must be claimed within 15 months of presentation.

5) Winning student must demonstrate their past support of school, community, and

   the fair and festival environment as shown on application.

6) A two (2) page essay will be submitted along with two letters of recommendation.

   One should be from the sponsoring M.A.F.F. member fair board and one from high

   school guidance counselor or principal.

7) Contest applications will available only through M.A.F.F. member fair boards.

8) Multiple applications may be submitted by member fairs.

9) Applications should be typed in a 12 pt font, double spaced.

10) Staats Awards and M.A.F.F. reserve the rights to modify these rules as necessary.

                           See below for an application and copy of these requirements.

The MAFF Public Speaking Contest is designed to develop agricultural leadership, provide for member participation in agricultural public speaking activities, and stimulate interest in leadership and citizenship. The final contest will be held in connection with the MAFF Annual Convention, scheduled at the Holiday Inn of Columbia Missouri .
FRIDAY February 1, 2013
Registration will open at 11:00 a.m., with the contest beginning at 12:30 p.m. The purpose of this competition is to develop youth agricultural leadership, highlighting the importance of fairs and festivals. Students in grades 9 - 12 are eligible to enter the contest. All speeches must be on file in the MAFF office as of DECEMBER 17, 2011 for preliminary judging.
All preliminary contests are for local participation and they are held under the auspices of the county fair concerned. These preliminary events climax in the state contest held at the time of the MAFF Annual Convention. ALL COUNTY CONTESTS MUST FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE MAFF PUBLIC SPEAKING CONTEST. Appropriate awards will be given by the Missouri Association of Fairs & Festivals.
1. The state contest will be limited to participation by one student representing EACH FAIR OR FESTIVAL. (The fair or festival MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER OF THE MAFF.) 2. The state contest will be open only to students who are currently enrolled in grades 9 through 12, during the 2011-2012 school year, either boy or girl. Previous state contest winners (first place, second place, or third place) will not be eligible to compete again. 3. Each contestant's manuscript will be the result of the STUDENT'S OWN EFFORTS. It is expected that the contestants will take advantage of all available training facilities in their local school in developing their speaking ability. Facts and working data may be secured from any source and MUST RELATE TO FAIRS AND AGRICULTURE. 4. Contestants who will compete MUST SUBMIT TO THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE MAFF, through their country fair or festival the following materials: a. Four double-spaced typewritten copies of the speech on 8½" x 11", white bond paper, bound together by one staple in the upper left-hand corner. b. A signed statement of originality on a form provided. c. A complete and accurate bibliography used in writing the speech. The above materials MUST BE ON FILE IN THE M.A.F.F. OFFICE AT 941 EAST RODNEY, CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO by December 22, 2012 to be entered in the Public Speaking Contest.
Contestants may choose any current subject for their speeches. WHICH IS OF AN AGRICULTURAL CHARACTER RELATING TO COUNTY FAIRS, and which is of general interest to the public. Official judges of the MAFF Public Speaking Contest shall disqualify a contestant if he speaks on a nonagricultural subject.
Each speech shall be a minimum of six minutes in length and a maximum of eight minutes. Each contestant will be allowed five minutes additional time in which he will be asked questions relating to his speech. Deductions of 1 point per second will be made from the score of each judge for speeches under six minutes or over eight minutes in length.
1. The Board of Directors of the MAFF will be in charge of this contest. 2. Contestants draw for position. The contest chairman will introduce each contestant by name and number. A contestant will be permitted to use notes while speaking, but deductions in scoring may be made for this practice if it detracts from the effectiveness of the presentation. Applause shall be withheld until all contestants have spoken. 3. One timekeeper shall be assigned who will record the time used by each contestant in delivering his or her speech noting undertime or overtime, if any, for which deductions should be made. 4. Three competent and impartial persons will be selected to judge the contest. 5. Prior to the contest, the judges will be furnished with typewritten copies of the contestant's speech, which they will read, recording their judgment on content and composition on a score sheet, which will also be provided. 6. At the time of contest, the judges will be seated in different sections of the room in which the contest is held. Judges will score each contestant upon the delivery of his speech, using the score sheet provided. 7. Each judge shall formulate and ask questions. Questions shall pertain directly to the speaker's subject. Judges will score each contestant on his ability to answer ALL questions asked by ALL judges. The full 5 minutes for questions should be used. 8. When all contestants have finished speaking, each judge will total his score on composition and delivery for each contestant. The timekeeper's record will be used in computing the final score sheets will then be submitted to judges' score sheets will then the submitted to representatives of the MAFF Board of Directors to determine final ratings of contestants. 9. Contestants shall be ranked in numerical order on basis of final score to be determined by each judge WITHOUT CONSULTATION OF EACH OTHER. The judges ranking of each contestant shall then be added and the winner will be the contestant whose total of rankings is the lowest. Other placings shall be determined in the same manner. (Low point score method of selection.) In case of tie, that individual who has the highest grand total score shall have prior ratings. 10. If the number requires more than one group of speakers being judges at one time, winners from each group will be judged by three judges in a final run-off contest.
The First Place winner will be expected to deliver his/her speech in a public setting to members of the association immediataly following the contest. Appropriate awards will be presented at that time. The top three contestants will each recieve three complimentary tickets to the Friday evening banquet 1st place $1,000.00 scholarship* /plaque 2nd place $600.00 scholarship*/plaque 3rd place $400.00 scholarship*/plaque *Scholarships payable upon evidence of entrance into college of his/her choice.
No travel expenses will be furnished to contestants by the Missouri Association of Fairs & Festivals.
All contestants in the MAFF Public Speaking Contest should give credit to others where any direct quotes, phrases, or special dates are used in the manuscript, in order not to be quality of plagiarism. The Board of Directors of the MAFF at their May 1973, meeting in Jefferson City, Missouri adopted the following: A bibliography MUST BE INCLUDED as part of the public speaker's manuscript and direct quotes from any other source of information must be marked in "quotes" on the manuscripts and identified in the bibliography. Failure to do so will automatically disqualify a contestant. CLICK HERE for an application for the STAATS scholarship.

CLICK HERE for Speech Contest rules information.