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Things you need to know about long term disability law

Long term disability law or ERISA law is uncommon to many people because most of the employers do not offer the long term disability insurance for their employees. This is especially true for the workers that are in occupations considered to be low risk Fredericton personal injury lawyer, Cantini If you are looking to acquire long term disability insurance privately, here are some of the things you should know.

Investigators – when you file for a complaint, the insurance companies usually hire private investigators to follow you around and see how you are carrying out your daily activities. They could take pictures or even record videos of you doing something that your disability states you cannot be able to do. This kind of information is used to deny you the claims made. It is important therefore that you take care of yourself during this period and restrict your movement as much as you can.

Filing for social security disability insurance – some of the insurance companies might require that you apply for social security disability insurance so that if it is given they can reduce the benefits they are paying to you. You will therefore need to apply for that too.

The policies define disability in different ways – the different policies available offer different definitions for what a disability is. There are those that will find you disabled if you are unable to perform the duties of any sort of occupation. This does not limit you therefore to the occupation that you are employed to do. The other definition states that a disability will occur when you are unable to perform your duties in your occupation distracted driving This is made even more stringent by use of the words substantially in the definition. The second kind of definition makes it hard when you are making a claim.

You receive a portion of your salary – traditionally long term insurance policies used to pay for the whole income but now only a portion of the income is paid. This depends on the policy and is usually anywhere from 50% to 75% of the income that you can make. There are no policies that will pay the entire income amount as you would have been paid Government Lawyers This means therefore that you might need to make adjustments in your life if you are going to make ends meet.

Waiting period – after you have been declared disabled the long term disability insurance does not kick in immediately. Usually there is a waiting period which depends on the policy. The waiting period also depends on the short term disability cover that you have. If your short term disability cover goes for three months, then the long term disability cover will come in after the three months.

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