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" It is the mission of the Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals to promote the educational and

entertainment interest of a wide and varied audience and to encourage family, community, and

professional involvement for the betterment of the fair industry".


The Missouri Association of Fairs and Festivals is an organization banded together for the betterment of    

county fairs and community festivals. Involving the ideas and experience of fair boards, youth leaders,

agriculture interests, community leaders, concessionaires, and vendors of all types the association

works to blend them into a single purpose with common goals. 

The purpose of the first county fair in Missouri dating from 1835 was to "improve

agriculture and business, and to bring rural and urban people together in a friendly

atmosphere of education wholesome entertainment and to win that coveted blue ribbon".

That purpose is still shared today by every fair and festival in Missouri.

First organized in 1911 as he Missouri Association of Fairs it has changed from

a mostly rural organization into one promoting events from the smallest community

festival to the largest events in urban settings. Having re-organized several times

and the additional of festivals as equal partners reflects the associations goal of

reaching out to all those involved in the promotion of 4-H, FFA, Youth and Senior

fairs as well as those festivals featuring their heritage or the bounty of their

local harvest.