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Shingle Roofing Reviews Critical For Homeowner Piece Of Mind

Roofing materials come in all forms. Some of them are even not documented. The objective is to keep away weather elements from the house. If a material can do that, then it’s suitable to be up there. When you are selecting the roofing materials for your project, you need to put into consideration the performance, cost, durability, efficiency, noise level, strength, aesthetic and such factors. One of the most common roofing material is the shingles. It’s popular because of the low purchase price. People opting for a cheaper roof that suits their pocket muscle often start with the single roof. However, there are different types of shingles, and each presents a different set of criteria altogether. So, which shingle type matches your needs? Let’s go through several types of these shingles.

  1. Asphalt shingles

These are the most common types of shingles. They are considered relatively cheap. They usually are in line with the energy requirements keeping the roof cool. 3-tab shingles come in thinner designs. They are hence cheaper when compared to either architectural or laminated shingle. But why are they cheap? Some will explain it that the asphalt material is readily available. That could be the case, but there is another angle of the same thing. The durability of these shingles ranges between 20 and 30 years.

  1. Tiles

Still takes the design of the shingles although they are made up of clay materials. These types of shingles adopt a different architectural characteristic, according to BBB roofers Coquitlam Buying and installing these tiles is an expensive endeavor and cannot be compared to the asphalt shingles. They are also popular for their durability. When the asphalt shingles last 25 years, the tile shingles will go double that or beyond. Their heavyweight, however, makes them not to be supported by certain house designs.

  1. Wood shingles

Being made of wood, you can bet they are expensive about the asphalt counterparts. They, however, don’t let you down when it comes to aesthetics. The natural appeal is something many Vancouver Roof Guy like. They can stay in position for over three decades. However, they call for regular maintenance.

  1. Slate shingles

These always have a special appeal. They are also very durable going over five decades. For that, they are offered at a higher price than other shingles. If you can manage to purchase the natural slate shingles, the better. If that’s not possible, you still have another route. Modern technology delivers synthetic slate shingles that adopt the same appeal but made out of cheaper materials that mimic the original slate.

Metal shingles are also available. These are durable and convenient for homes with steep slope HSE roofs. They are also durable and are becoming popular everywhere in the world.

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